Optimized Page Speed

Why is website page speed important to your success online?
  • Improved Customer Experience When Visiting Your Website
  • Rank Higher In Google Search Results

In today's fast paced world, potential customers visiting your website expect it to load quickly and without any problems. When your website doesn't load quickly, more often than not, customers leave and visit another website. Surveys indicate that internet users expect websites to load within three to four seconds.

Google expects fast websites too. A major factor Google uses in determining your website's ranking in its search results is how fast your website loads. Google offers an array of "PageSpeed" tools aimed at helping website developers increase page speed on their websites. See https://developers.google.com/speed/ for more information on Google PageSpeed tools.

What Are The Major Factors That Effect Website Page Speed?
  • Image Optimization
  • Browser Caching
  • Template versus Custom Design
  • CDN & Cloudflare

How Does Web Propulsion Help Clients Optimize Website Page Speed?
  • Server Performance
  • Network Performance
  • Web Server Content Compression
  • Measuring Tools
  • PHP 7.2
In Short

Web Propulsion goes beyond what many call "commodity hosting" by working closely with clients and web developers to make sure their websites are optimized, delivering peak performance on all levels. Call us today at (904) 351-8264. We'd love to earn your business!