Why is website security important to your business?

Your website is your brand, often the first impression of your business for new customers. That’s why you need to protect it from all kinds of digital attacks. If your website is hacked, it could effect your business reputation, infect your website visitors with computer viruses or malware, even get your website blocked in Google listings.

Without effective website security in place, many website owners are already infected with malware and other malicious content without even knowing they’ve been hacked.

  • Hackers Target Your Customers With Malware Using Your Website
  • Business Reputation Is Tarnished
  • Email Gets Blacklisted
  • Potential Loss of Revenue
  • It’s Expensive to Remove Malware From Your Website
  • Google Marks Hacked Websites Unsafe In Their Search Results

Why would someone hack my website? I own a small business.

This is a question we hear often from potential and new web hosting clients. Talking about hackers conjures up images of a computer expert, sitting at a desk targeting large companies, hoping to steal sensitive data. While that type of hacking does exist, the threat to a small business company website is very real.

Everything is automated, targeting thousands of websites randomly. Hackers write programs, known as scripts to scour the Internet looking for vulnerabilities in website programming and website hosting platforms. These vulnerabilities allow hackers to gain access to websites and hosting platforms to send spam, setup phishing pages, infect website visitors, redirect web traffic and steal customer information.

So, why do hackers want to hack your website?

  • To Send Spam Using Your Hosting Resources
  • Setup Phishing Attacks By Inserting Pages In Your Website You Don’t Know Exist
  • Infect Visitors to Your Website With Malware and Viruses
  • Redirect Traffic Away From Your Website
  • Vandalize Your Website
  • Steal Sensitive Information

What steps can a website owner take to protect their website?

We’ve listed below, steps you can take to protect your company website from hackers. Don’t worry if some of these sound like foreign “tech-speak”. Our goal is providing a worry free hosting experience for all our clients. Web Propulsion is not a “commodity hosting” company. We work closely with our clients and web developers offering the best in Managed Hosting Services. Our support team is available to assist you in implementing any of the security steps listed below.

  • Keep WordPress and Plugins up-to-date
  • Install Sucuri Security WordPress Plugin
  • Make Sure Your Website Uses HTTPS
  • Manage Your Passwords Carefully
  • Beware of Password Phishing
  • Use Strong Passwords for Email and Website Access
  • Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Security Software on all your computers
  • Monitor emails from Google Search Console
  • Choose A Web Hosting Company Experienced in Web Security

How does Web Propulsion help clients protect their websites and hosting accounts?

Choosing the right web hosting provider is a key first step to website security. Web Propulsion has the technology you need for secure, fast and reliable website and email hosting. The expertise of our skilled engineers allows you the peace of mind knowing your website is safe from digital attacks (hackers).

We’ve listed below several of the methods we employ to keep your website, our servers and network secure. Though, what truly sets us apart as a hosting provider is our experienced team. A team with a passion for excellence in secure web hosting and the worry free experience it brings our clients.

  • CloudLinux OS
  • (LVE) Lightweight Virtualized Environment
  • Cage FS
  • PHP Version Selector
  • PHP 7.4
  • ModSecurity Application Firewall
  • Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
  • Malware & Exploit Scanner
  • SSL Certificate included in Hosting Plans
  • Off-site Backup Retention for One Year
  • Softaculous
  • CloudFlare Support
  • Jacksonville Based Support

We care about your business, and the security of your website.

In short

Web Propulsion goes beyond what many call “commodity hosting” by working closely with clients and web developers to make sure their websites are secure, optimized, and delivering peak performance on all levels. Call us today at (904) 351-8264. We’d love to earn your business!